Mandalorian Nail-Art

Here’s a little educational activity for you: break down the word “fangirl”.

FAN + GIRL = fangirl

In other words, a geek who also happens to be a female. And what’s one thing that many females like to do? Paint their nails, of course!

Now, to be totally honest, I’m not a huge nail-painter. Somehow the activity was never majorly attractive to me, besides the fact that I’m always crafting and digging around outside, so I can never manage to keep the polish on all nice and shiny.

However, I will occasionally take the time to sit down and try out a new look, and one big incentive is when I can tie that look into my geeky side. I’ll be a little more likely to paint them up and have them looking nice when I’ve got Star Wars nail stickers or Elvish writing to embellish them with. I’ve managed to discover and create several looks myself that are based on my fandoms, and I was feeling particularly inspired the other night after watching the new Star Wars: Rebels trailer 5 times in a row. So I decided to try a little experiment…

A nail-art tutorial in honor of Bo-Katan!!

The news of Bo’s return to the scene of a Star Wars animated series broke Saturday with the Rebel panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, and I was thrilled. If I have to be honest for the second time in this post, I wasn’t majorly attached to her when I first met her in Clone Wars, but she’s a very intriguing character with an intriguing story, and I was thrilled to hear the news that she would be returning for the last season of Rebels.

I’ve done Stormtroopers and Clonetroopers on my nails before, and Mandos really aren’t that different. So, armed with a screenshot of Bo’s armor, blue nail polish, and a couple of sharpies, I set to work.

Here’s how you can do it too:


Step 1, paint your fingernails in some blue polish (I used L.A. Colors in Sea Foam, #CNP504, that I found at my local Dollar Tree.)

Step 2, add the Mandalorian-style visor. I used a black sharpie to draw this on, but if you have some black polish with a tiny detail brush and a really steady hand, that would probably work even better. (The sharpie tends to wear off petty quickly, especially if you wash your hands a lot.) Remember, the style of Bo’s helmet visor is thin and slightly curved, more like  Y than a T.

Step 3, add the side details. To do this, I used a metallic sharpie in silver. Bo’s detailing is technically white, but since I didn’t have a sharpie in that color, I went with the silver. Just like with the black for the visor, if you have white (or silver) polish with a small enough brush, that would be even better.

Step 4, add the top detail. Bo has a small symbol in the middle of the forehead of her helmet, it looks a like like a pair of wings (which would be appropriate for the leader of the Nite Owls.) Same as with the side details, I drew this in with the metallic silver sharpie.

And you’re done!

Now you can show off your Mando obsession in geek-girl style while you wait for fall and season 4 of Rebels!!

This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on

3 thoughts on “Mandalorian Nail-Art

  1. I can’t handle nail polish on my fingers…as soon as it gets the most minor chip on them then i just have to pick the whole thing off. (case in point, my current nails)

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