Grand Admiral Thrawn cosplay, part 3

This is the last in a series of posts detailing the construction of my genderswapped Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn cosplay.

You can find the beginning of the series here.

You can find part 1 of the tutorial right here.

You can find part 2 of the tutorial right here.

Welcome to the final installment of my series on my genderswapped Grand Admiral Thrawn cosplay!

I know I said that I wanted to get this post out Thursday, on May the 4th. Well, obviously that didn’t turn out too well, since I’m posting it now, two days late. My apologies for that little slip.

To make up for the wait (and because I’m just so excited with how this turned out,) I’ll go ahead and give you some pictures now, instead of making you wait to the end of this post!! 😀


*starts up the Star Wars main theme*

Sure you’re ready???

Ok, here it comes…..

Ta Da!!!!


And here’s another one of me and my friend at the “May the 4th Be With You” party where I debuted the cosplay.


Yes, I know that smile looks extremely un-Thrawnish…

Yes yes yes, isn’t it awesome?! 😀 I love how it all turned out, especially the makeup!!! I had serious doubts about that part, since I’ve never really done any makeup stuff before, especially not like what this called for! But it actually turned out to be much easier than I thought, especially with the help of a really awesome tutorial video I’ll have below.

And it was just so much fun!! I am totally doing this outfit again some time, and I also plan to do more with makeup like this. There’s just something distinctly thrilling about painting yourself up to have an entirely different skin color and face shape that nothing else can match! (One outfit I’ve really got my eye on right now is Naare, from the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures series. Seriously. I really do want to cosplay as a LEGO figure. She’s just got a really neat Jedi-based outfit, and I’ve yet to see anyone else who’s attempted it.)

On to the details of how I finished off this project!

Now that I had the whole costume assembled, it was time to start on the makeup part.

One very obvious and distinctive thing about Thrawn is his cool blue skin, red eyes, and blue-black hair that distinguishes him as a member of the Chiss race. That’s also one of the things that makes him such a captivating character: within the extremely human-elitist minded Empire, he the only known non-human officer of substantial rank. So it just wouldn’t work at all to cosplay this character and even think of leaving out these details.

I really wish I could’ve gotten some contact lenses to recreate those red eyes before the 4th, but with my budget and time constraints, it wasn’t going to happen. In the end it turned out fine, since the red slashes on my lower eyelids helped to distract from how un-red my eyes were. However, I discovered that having blue skin really brings out the green in my eyes. And while any other time I would be delighted, since I’m always trying to find techniques to make them look greener (because Tauriel and Rey, people! and besides, why not?) it just didn’t quite help out my Thrawn look.

I was set, however, on at least getting the skin and face details right.

I had already done a little bit of searching, and had decided on a light blue costume makeup from Mehron. Here’s the exact product I ordered from Amazon: Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ Face & Body Paint (40 gm) (LIGHT BLUE)

I went back and forth a little bit on whether I should go with a darker shade, as most people who replicate this look do. However, since I was going with the Rebels version of Thrawn, and his skin color there is closer to an ice-blue, I went ahead with the lighter shade and order it from Amazon.

In the end, I am so glad I went with the light blue!! It matched the color from Rebels very well once I put it on my skin, and by the time I had added all the shading and detailing on my face it was almost exact.

When I was first doing planning for this cosplay, I did some searches for pre-existing tutorials on how to do it all. It was odd to me that there were only a very few, and I couldn’t find any at all that had been genderswapped like I was wanting to try.

In the handful that I did find where those amazing videos I included in the first of this series, as well as a this one specifically on how to do the makeup.

This video is flat-out incredible. She recreated Thrawn’s look almost perfectly, and pays a huge amount of attention to minor details, which in the end totally sells it. By the end of the video, her subject looks completely different, even down to just his basic face shape! And even better, especially for my cosplay, was that she based her tutorial entirely off of the Rebels version of Thrawn. (And including Thrawn’s music themes from Rebels in the background was another point as well, since I already love those songs!! XD )

I used the light blue Mehron makeup as the base color, applying it with some small wedge-shaped applicator sponges from Dollar Tree, then added different shades of darker blue and black eye shadow I had found at Dollar Tree to do the shading (I love cheap stuff, can ya tell yet?) It all worked super well, and blended in to create the highlights and shadows wonderfully!

Here’s a step-by-step of the process I used, based on the video above.


I apologize profusely for low quality of a few of these shots, as well as the scariness of my hair in all of them…

Once I was all done with the main makeup and had blended it together, I used a clear chap-stick as a base for my lips, then used a blue eyeliner pencil (from Dollar Tree!) to give them that blueish tint, while still keeping the more pinkish flesh-tones underneath, just like we see from the Rebels version of Thrawn.

After my face was completed, it was time to move on to hair.

This was very simple: I pulled my hair back into a loose braid towards my left shoulder, then went down the length slightly “pancaking” it to make it lay flatter and appear a bit thicker (“pancaking” means pulling out on the “elbows” of each segment of the braid, until you get it to the desired “fatness.”) Finally, I sprayed the whole thing down with a coat of first black, then dark blue, spray-in-wash-out style hair color that I found at Walmart. As you will probably see in some of these pictures, it was kinda hard to get the front coated evenly without getting it in my eyes or ruining the makeup work I had already done. Looking back, I think I’ll do my hair first next time, so that I can wash off any that bleeds onto my face or neck before moving on the to makeup.

Here is a comparison of what Thrawn actually looks like in the show and what my genderswapped version looked like once I had completed the makeup and hair…


It’s just not fair….Thrawn gets this awesome office with all the cool artwork in the background for his pictures, while I have to shoot mine in the bathroom…

Now it’s time to just bask in the glory of a completed project for a bit….

Ok, done basking, time to get on to the next project!!

Just kidding, I don’t think I’m quite ready to take on something this big quite yet, though I am seriously planning a couple for soon, specifically a genderswapped Bilbo, that Naare outfit I mentioned at the top, and this crazy idea of finally finishing my Tauriel dress that I bought all the stuff for and then kinda forgot about.

It’s been so much fun going through all this with you guys, my readers. You’ve all been super encouraging and enthusiastic of my progress as I posted it, bit by bit. Thanks so much for sticking with me, and I hope this series has been helpful to anyone else considering making their own version of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Until next time, my friends!! (and that’s meant to be read in Hondo Ohnaka’s voice, by the way)

Let me know what you think, as well as about any cosplays you’ve done, in the comments!

May the Force be with you, always!!


4 thoughts on “Grand Admiral Thrawn cosplay, part 3

  1. That is seriously impressive! I’ve never met anyone who did so well on a costume like that! My padmé was nowhere near this impressive. Very cool!


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