Star Wars: The Last Jedi – BTS Reel!

Recently at D23 2017, a brand-new behind-the-scenes reel featuring tons of brand-new footage from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi was release!

I know all us fans were absolutely beyond-ecstatic to see this new reel, as it featured some really intriguing comments from the cast and crew, as well as tons of hints on where the story will be heading next (plus those adorable puffin-convor-birds!!! 😀 )

What were your thoughts on this new reel? Got any new predictions for TLJ because of it? I always love to you all your thoughts in the comments, so let me know!! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi – BTS Reel!

    1. I know, I agree!!
      I’m also kinda irked that we still don’t have a premier date for season 4 of Rebels… 😐
      Hopefully we’ll see some more stuff about this coming out soon, what with Force Friday and Canada Fan Expo and all the other things coming up… 😀


  1. Woooooaaaaaaahhhhh….. Gotta say, this reel lifted my spirits a bit! I’m caught between two kinds of “feels” at the moment- good, fangirly ones, and bad ones because we had to put my dog to sleep today. 😥😢 but on to my observations on the reel! It was actually really cool to hear John with his London accent. (I love accents and stuff, so…). Then… There was a shot that looked like Rey was fighting three others at once… And also there was a shot of Billie Lourd in there, which means more of my favorite background character, Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix!! And THE SHOT OF REY TRAINING HAS ME SO HYPED UP!!! Speaking of which, my little sister (Stardustie) is cosplaying (albeit mostly a closet cosplay) as Rey for Halloween. (I’m going as Jyn!!) I can’t wait for December 15!!!!

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