Updates from around Twitter! Hints at Star Wars Rebels season 4 second half air date (& the return of The Star Wars Show)| good news for Star Wars Rebels comic?| Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer

Several new updates concerning Star Wars have hit the internet lately!

First off, Star Wars Rebels voice actor Steven Stanton hinted on Twitter about when we’ll be getting that last run of episodes from the animated series:



So it seems that the rumors of a much longer than expected wait for the last few episodes of Rebels are untrue!

Another recent tease concerning the show, this time from Dave Filoni himself, revealed that the final bits of music have been recorded for the last episode.


In The Game of Nerds’ recent interview with the composer, Kiner said that he had so far not been allowed to see the last two minutes of the series finale episode, but it seems that has finally changed, and now the music for the entire series is finished.

While we still don’t know when that much-anticipated trailer for the last run of episodes will drop (if there even turns out to be one at all), we’ve been told we don’t have much longer to wait for more info. My personal guess is that we’ll get the airdates and possibly a look at the trailer in the next installment of StarWars.com‘s “The Star Wars Show”, which co-host of the show Anthony Carboni says will be returning in a couple more weeks.

More Star Wars Rebels-related hints include some promising news for fans who have been trying for quite a while now to get their hands on the ongoing German Rebels comic series. This series has been confirmed as beginning fully canon, and fits into the timeline of Rebels, but only a few issues of it were ever produced in English before the company that published it shut down.

Fans have been working to get this comic published in the U.S., but with no results so far.

However, a Twitter conversation revealed that work is being done in order to get another German Star Wars comic based on the Han Solo-centric book, Smuggler’s Run, published in English.

Although this might still be a bit of a stretch to some, it definitely seems like good news concerning the Rebels comic to me! As such a huge fan of the show, I desperately want to get my hands on the comics, and like any good Star Wars fan should, I’m willing to grab at any spark of hope I can find.

One very big topic of discussion in the Star Wars fandom is when the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story will finally be unveiled. So far, official information regarding the film has been very sketchy, and mostly limited to pictures taken on set and released via social media by the film’s director, Ron Howard. But fans are beginning to get antsy for more, especially considering the film’s intended release is set for May 2018, currently only 4 months away.

However, Howard dropped a hint that our wait might not be much longer. When asked by a fan when we’d get the trailer for Solo, he responded with this:

There also seems to be a rumor circulating that the trailer would, in fact, drop this very week, but this has since been disputed by others, so I’m not making any calls on it myself.

I do think a good trailer at this point could do wonders for this movie, as it has suffered multiple setbacks during production (not the least of which being the change of directors from duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to Ron Howard when shooting was already almost done). Possibly the wait could be due to this very fact: Lucasfilm isn’t dumb when it comes to these things, especially not after their current tally of nine full-length movies and two animated TV series, all of which have been met with various reactions. Perhaps they are taking their time in order to build anticipation for the film, and to polish up the trailer to its very best possible shine before releasing it to the often harsh judgement of fans. Whichever case this is, I’m willing to at least give it a chance, and see what this new story has to offer, though I do have to admit that my own excitement levels are currently being dominated by the return of Rebels and the aftermath of The Last Jedi.

This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on ElvenPadawan.com

What Star Wars thing are you most excited for in the coming months? Would you read the Star Wars Rebels comic if it was published in English? Why do you think we haven’t heard much from Solo yet? Let us know in the comments!!

17 thoughts on “Updates from around Twitter! Hints at Star Wars Rebels season 4 second half air date (& the return of The Star Wars Show)| good news for Star Wars Rebels comic?| Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer

  1. *fangirling about everything in this post* Oimegoodness, I cannot wait for the trailer (I hope there is one!) and the air dates! Maybe I’ll get Sabine done in time!!! Oh goodness, I would SO read that thing if it was English, it’s moar Rebels, ain’t it? xD I think perhaps they were trying to keep the hype for TLJ up and didn’t want to “ruin” it with a Solo trailer. . . idk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel ya, girl!! I just kept getting more and more excited scrolling through my feed last night and seeing all these things!
      I’ve been wanting to get my hands on that comic ever since I first found out there was one!! Apparently the first several issues were published in smaller bits in the “Star Wars Rebels magazine”, but that got cancelled, so we don’t really know what else has happened since then.
      Oh, and encase you didn’t know, there’s a couple issues of the Star Wars Adventures comic dedicated to the Rebels characters. I’m hoping to pick them up on our next trip to the comic store, along with the new Forces of Destiny comic that just release (it starred Leia, Han, and Hera, with all three on Hoth). I just thought you might be interested in that bit of info. =D
      I’m sure you’re right, and that’s what Ron Howard’s tweet seemed to say, but it seems odd that they still haven’t said hardly anything about it, especially now that we’re coming up on Rebels; and especially if they’re planning to hold off on Rebels until May, or at least to drag it out a bit. They’ve only got a few episodes yet, but it could still take several weeks, and with all the hype that’s going on over the big finale of the show, it seems like a nice chunk of the audience who really cares about Solo will be a little preoccupied with Rebels. I know if I had to gauge my excitement over each, I’d have to admit SWR is definitely winning right now…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No trailer as far as I know, but episode titles and descriptions just dropped!! I’m working on a post about them and should have it up in a sec. 😉


        2. Ok, it’s up now!! You’re welcome to fangirl to your heart’s content. I know there were some odd porg-ish noises coming from me when I first saw the news… 😉 XD


      1. Now just for the trailer. . . Then I really fangirl.
        Hehe, I can’t keep track of all these comics. . . “hey look Ezra meets a pink fuzzy thing and Hondo doesn’t like it. . .” they’re categorized by who’s in which one xD I never even got to see a physical copy of the Rebels magazine. Small town advantages, amiright?
        Oimegoodness, the preview panels were so perfect for that one! Han and Leia reminded me somewhat of the kids holwing at each other and Hera’s just patiently dealing with it and offering wise words xD She’s so sweet.
        I honestly forgot about the entire movie for the past week. Odd, but there’s nothing I can speculate about yet. . . yet. . . the synopsis didn’t really give much.
        YUS I KNOW REBELS WINS FOR THIS INACTIVE FANGIRL!!! Han Solo got nuthin on the Wild Adventures Of The Space Family and Friends! (Although, I am thinking we MIGHT get a cameo. . . MIGHT. . .)
        (I am SO sorry about the late reply. I really need to get better with that. . .)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I didn’t even know the Rebels magazine *existed* until not too long ago, so I get your feeling!! And being that I quite literally live in the place farthest from the bright shining center of the galaxy, I know that feeling too.

          Ah, I’m so behind on the comics!! My sisters and I have bought the entire Phasma series as it was being released, most of the Mace Windu series, each new Adventures comic as it’s release (we may be missing one, though…), and all the FoD comics so far except the one from this week (which is the one I want the most!!), and I’ve only read…. maybe 2 of them? 😐 (In fact, the first two FoDs and the latest Adventures issue are still in a bag stashed behind my school stuff, waiting to be flipped through….)

          Yep, I think we can safely say that synopsis was fairly underwhelming… I agree with you, though, I really do hope we at at least get some reference to the land Lando owns on Lothal….

          Liked by 1 person

                1. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself…. I can hardly even type, my fingers are so shaky!!

                  Would you be willing to do a paragraph on your reaction to the trailer, key things you noticed that your looking forward to, that kinda thing, for me? I’m wanting to do a group article from the whole TEP “team” and would like to get your opinions. 🙂 (You could comment with it on one of our conversations over on your site, if you’d like, or you can comment here and I’ll just not approve it so everyone else doesn’t see it before the post is published)

                  Liked by 1 person

                2. But of course! I’ll probably post it on mah page somewhere, as a reply that way you can see it. Most likely it’ll be bout the wolf xD It could be a bit tho as I have some school papers to finish up, will maybe tomorrow at the most. I’ll see what I can do!

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  2. Yeah, I would totally read that German Rebels comic! I had no idea it existed and is considered canon until I read this blog post. Great summarization of where we currently stand, by the way. I’m equally excited for the Rebels finale, as I am for Solo. Yet, I’m cautious with my feelings, as I fear the worst for Ahsoka. 😦 Hopefully she’ll love I’m long enough to play a role in a live-action film, but I doubt it. Really looking forward to the Ep.VIII blu-ray! Keep up the great blog and may the Force be with you!

    Liked by 1 person

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