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What it’s All About


The Elven Padawan is a fansite with a focus on the Star Wars and Tolkien-related franchises, and a special desire to show the world the accomplishments and abilities of the younger generation of fans.

Here on the The Elven Padawan site you can find the latest news concerning Middle-earth and a galaxy far, far away, as well as blogs from our writers featuring unique thoughts and perspectives on our favorite worlds, DIYs and cosplay projects, analysis and reviews on books, movies, merchandise, and more!

Although we mainly try to keep news confined to areas directly concerning Star Wars and Tolkien, we occasionally do branch off into other fandoms when it come to The Elven Padawan blog, such as non-Star Wars or -Tolkien book reviews and blog tours, cosplays/crafts, or interviews with creators who don’t work with these series directly, but have drawn great inspiration from them in their own work.


This site is also the home of The Elven Padawan podcast, so please tune in to hear Shay’s latest ramblings and interesting guests, and well as check out the shownotes and podcast-related news here!

How it All Got Started

The fan community is a huge place filled with all kinds of interesting people, podcasts, websites, fan publications, and YouTube channels devoted to expressing love for their favorite stories, and with a mission to spread the word to others. As I started to “get into” this world not too long ago, I noticed that it seemed that many of the main outlets for fans were mainly focused on offering to the adult audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to the big name fan podcasts like Coffee With Kenobi and reading the sites like The Wookiee Gunner, and my not-so-likely-to-come-true wish is to someday be just as amazing as those guys. But I didn’t really feel like those were intended for me. Almost like I was having to deny a certain aspect of myself to feel at home with them.

We’re kinda stuck in the middle, ya know? We don’t fit in with the younger children anymore, but we don’t really want to be pushed up with the adults so fast. We want people to hear us out as we are, and not tune us out because of our age. Our thoughts and perspectives are often different from any others you’ll find in the community, because we have the unique advantage of seeing both sides: we still get caught up in the coolness of those dogfights and unrealistic battle moves, but we can also see the depth of what drove Anakin to the Sith and understand the importance of his final act of redemption. That’s a big part of where the “Padawan” in The Elven Padawan’s name came from – in the Star Wars universe, “Padawans” are Jedi apprentices, typically in their teen years, and ranked higher than “Younglings” (children who are still learning the basics of how to hold a lightsaber and channel the Force) but lower than “Jedi Knights” (Jedi who have graduated from apprenticeship by completing their studies under the guidance of a Jedi Master and making their way through specific challenges known as their Trials).

When I started to come across all the amazing things so many others in this fandom had done, I wanted a way in. Podcasting seemed like the perfect venue for my talents, for, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I love to talk. But I also love to write, and I knew that any halfway decent podcast needs a website, so I decided to go ahead a make it a joint product, a podcast and a fansite/blog. But when I got started, I began to worry about something: would I be able to get a fair chance at getting my voice heard? When some random person turned on my podcast or clicked onto my site, would the first thing they see be some random teenaged girl who was obviously overreacting about something, causing them to change to some other program or close the tab and read some other blog?

In short, I knew really wanted to get involved, but I was worried that my age would affect anything I tried to do within the fan community, as it so often does in so many other areas. With my endeavors with The Elven Padawan, I’ve worked hard to break that stigma, and to get people to accept me on the same level as they would a fan who graduated college a decade ago. I don’t just want teens and young people reading this blog or listening to the podcast, I want it to be enjoyable and stimulating for all ages. But I want to make this a place for those who are like I was, who feel stifled or just apathetic in the fandom because of their age. Fangirls and fanboys of all ages are welcome here, to have their thoughts and get their voices heard regardless of their ages. At a time when the topic of representation seems to be so big within fandoms, I’m striving to make sure my group doesn’t get lost in all the clamor. I’m still new to this whole thing, and I’m still trying to figure out what in the galaxy I’ve gotten started here, but I would be honored if you would join me as I try to find my place in the fan community.

  • Shay, creator of The Elven Padawan



Our Team

Shay – Editor, Regular Writer, Podcast Host


Hi, I’m Shay, the host and orchestrater of this little disaster!

I’ve watched Star Wars since I was about 3 years old, was introduced to the wonderful words of Tolkien only a few years ago, and have since then become an huge fan of both. I’ve also picked up some amount of affection for Marvel superheroes, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Star Trek over the years. Oh yeah, and all my crazy book obsessions (like The Door Within, The Berinfell Prophecies, the IDIA series, and tons more). I’m pretty much your typical geek girl!

Not too long ago I decided it was high time to do something about all this pent up fangirl energy – and thanks to some awesome online friends who chatted with me endlessly about the plight of the galaxy, and my real life family who were always urging me to shut up about it, I decided to start a fan podcast centered on the Star Wars and Middle-earth franchises. It’s taken lots of hard work, sweat, and tears, but now I’m finally here, looking out over my new Empire. I basically edit and run everything, including hosting The Elven Padawan podcast, covering the latest in the News section of the site, blogging, and trying to balance all that with this little thing called “life”. Oh yeah, and this other little thing called “high school”.

Follow on Twitter (via TEP’s official account): @ElvenPadawan

Audrey – Regular Writer


Hello! I’m Audrey, and I help Shay out by writing articles about all kinds of fandom related things.

My favorite movies and books include, but are not limited to: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Epic Order of the Seven, The Wingfeather Saga, The Door Within series, and The Green Ember. I love fangirling with others, and hope what I write is enjoyable to read. 😀


Kitten – Team Artist

Hello, my name is Kitten and I watch too much Star Wars. Hehe, I’m a homeschooled teen with a sense of creativity, and I help out with the art of The Elven Padawan! You may also know me from elsewhere as Catshine, but here I go by Kitten.

Basically, I have always been a fangirl in some way or another; since I was six months old I have either loved or hated whatever I saw. My main fandom is Star Wars Rebels — I have nicknames for all the characters, and draw them almost constantly. At first, Hera Syndulla was my favorite – that is, until season three aired. Since then, I am a tried-and-true fan of one Sabine Wren, the crew’s spunky Mandalorian artist. Part of me loves her for simply being a sassy little Mango who keeps the “kids” in check, yet I also admire her courage and willingness to work with those her culture has long seen as enemies. Plus she’s an artist, I’m an artist. . . yeah, I think you get that. Yes, I do have other fandoms; however, they have worn away since Star Wars made its comeback. I used to enjoy My Little Pony and Ninjago, some of my art still focuses on those.

At any rate, I cling to the reins of my whirlwind of creativity over at my blog/place-to-rant-about-Star-Wars, A Creative Type, you can see more of my arts and other creations there!

Kitten’s blog: A Creative Type

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