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Why Fandoms are Important to Me

“Fairytales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.” 

– G. K. Chesterton

To some people, books and movies are just books and movies. A way to entertain themselves, maybe use their imaginations for a short time and then go back to normal life. That’s not how it works for me.

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Blog Tour & New Book Review! “Allegiance”, by Sarah Addison-Fox

Welcome to The Elven Padawan’s part in the blog tour for Disowned, book #1 in the Allegiance series by Sarah Addison-Fox!!

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Thrawn: Alliances: cover revealed!!

Just revealed on The Star Wars Show: The final cover for Thrawn: Alliances!!


Here’s another look at that cover, featuring two of the biggest fan-favorite and most-feared villains in all of Star Wars history:


We also have a brief idea of what the subject matter of this book will be, based on a tweet from the official Star Wars books account:

What do you think of this new Thrawn-centric book? Are you planning to give it a read? How do you think he and Vader will work together? Let me know in the comments below!

New Thrawn Novel by Timothy Zahn announced at NYCC

Announced at NYCC: Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances, a sequel to Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, is coming in 2018.

It has just been announced at New York Comic-Con that fan-favorite Star Wars EU author Timothy Zahn will be returning to the New Canon with more tales from his most infamous villain, Grand Admiral Thrawn. This book is set for a 2018 release, and will feature a “very special guest” known for his dark mask, cape, and heavy breathing.

Exiles (Ilyon Chronicles book 4) release blitz!!!

Attention, everyone!!

There is an announcement to be made….

Exiles, book #4 in Jaye L. Knight’s awesome “Ilyon Chronicles” series, is now available!!

Yaaaayyy!!!! *grinning ridiculously*

Some of you who know me know that I really love this book series, and it gives me no small pleasure to be a part of this awesome release party!! Somehow this date totally sneaked up and jumped on me out of the blue, which is why I am doing this post today. Yes, ladies, gentlemen, Jedi, and hobbits, the Elven Padawan strikes again! I was supposed to do this post yesterday….and missed. I don’t want to offer a lot of excuses, but I will simply say that I had a very long and pretty unexpected class I had to attend yesterday, was up late trying to finish assignments for it it Thursday night, and therefore ended up, shall we say, absolutely “zonked” Friday afternoon.

But now I’m back, and I’m talking about Exiles!! So hang on, and get ready for one mammoth blog post!! 😉 XD

About the Book


Exiled after their defeat in Samara, the Resistance struggles to find allies in their quest to restore King Balen to his throne and put an end to the emperor’s tyranny. When the crete people refuse to lend their aid, Balen leads a group to Dorland to reason with them and win their support. However, enemies prove to be everywhere, and they find themselves in a fight to keep Dorland from becoming Daican’s latest conquest.

Back in Landale, the arrival of a new enemy forces Trask and Anne to tread more carefully than ever. Tensions are rising, and the enemy is determined to test Anne’s loyalty and root out the location of Trask and the Resistance once and for all. 

Feeling trapped within the walls of Valcré, Prince Daniel must contend with an ever-eroding relationship with his father. As their clashes escalate, the situation becomes potentially life threatening when his loyalty is called into question. His sister seems bent on branding him a traitor and actively seeking to condemn him to the fate of those put to death in their father’s new arena. Daniel is certain his father would never execute his only son and heir but, with other forces at work, it might not be that simple. 

One small misstep could prove fatal for all.

Available now on Amazon!

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Haven’t discovered the world of Ilyon yet? The first three Kindle books are on sale August 11th – 14th! You can find them on Amazon.

(guys….I said…SALE!!!!!)


About the Author

Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

You can connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy.


Exiles: Book Review from The Elven Padawan

I have to tell you all right here and now, this book is very awesome. Very very very awesome. And I’m supposed to be reviewing it in a conhesive and helpful, informative way. But that’s so hard, when pretty much the main thing I want to do is squeal and start up a typical fangirl rant that will leave anyone not already familiar with this series totally clueless. So I’m going to try to give a summary of my feelings and what I think about this book, and hopefully it will be understandable to my readers. 😉 XD

I was so excited when I first found out we’d be seeing more of Prince Daniel in this entry to the “Ilyon Chronicles”. We saw a bit of him in the previous parts, but not nearly enough for my liking. He seemed like a very interesting character, and I was rooting for his conversion to trust in Elôm since the very beginning. This book will not disapoint anyone else who also loves this character, and Davira’s evilness had me scared to death for him most of the time.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about her….Davira, I mean. If anyone thought she was unpleasant, mean, and strikingly evil with ice-cold maliciousness before, know that that impression was not in the least a misinterpretation. In Exiles more so than ever before, however, we begin to see just how morally corrupt she is. I mean, obviously anyone who has such an extreme interest in gruesome modes of torture and wants to utterly obliterate those who oppose her and her father’s regime is a bit messed up, but in Exiles we find out just how little she values the life of other beings when it gets in the way of her temporary pleasure.

Now on to the Resistance….

I was also thrilled to get more from Trask and Lady Anne in this book. I’ve really loved those individual characters from the first book, and have had an extreme interest in their developing relationship as well… 😉

Anne is always so cool under pressure, even from certain nasty corrupt noblemen who are determined to court her no matter how much she tries to escape them, and is quite the heroine in my mind, though she isn’t riding into battle or charging the Emperor’s gates. She so dignified and ladylike, yet has an awesome spunky flame and love of fun about her. She often supplies info to Trask and his rebels, even going in as something awful close to a spy on occasion in order to keep the Resistance in the know on the Emperor and his minions’ plans. She reminds me very much of another great character from another awesome book, Lady Dolphin from Wayne Thomas Batson’s Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire. For his part, Trask, the young leader of the Resistance, reminds me of a mix between Darien from the audiodrama Darien’s Rise (that’s pretty much exactly how I imagine his voice!), and Kanan Jarrus from Star Wars: Rebels, particularly the early seasons. These two as a couple are pretty adorable, and the respect and trust they have for each other is amazing.

There are more cretes in this installation to the series full on non-human characters (yay!!), and we finally get to spend some time in a crete village in the tops of the trees (even bigger yay!!!). Cretes are very interesting to me especially, as I know that Ms. Jaye based them off a mixture of two of her favorite cultures: Elves and Native Americans (which, incidentally, are two of my favs too!! probably why I like these little, dragon riding, tree dwelling, full-of-fire characters so much). Learning more about their culture and life is awesome, and I’m left wishing I could dress in their style every day. 😉

Of course, as always, the core of the story centers on Jace and Kyrin, and male and female protagonists of the entire series. By this time, Jace has pretty much excepted his heritage as a rare half-ryrik. He seems happy and at peace in his place within the ever-growing Resistance, though he still hasn’t gotten over his intense fear of heights, which becomes all-too-clear upon his visit to the treetop home of the cretes. Kyrin is also happy and content in the camp, and is now living with her mother and two younger brothers since they joined the Resistance. We get to see quite a bit of the older of these two, Michael, in Exiles, something I was excited about (we’ll be talking some more about that later *hinting wink*).

Now I need to talk about one thing about this book: the romance. As I have mentioned above, the most “advanced” couple in this book would be Trask and Anne. And by “advance”, I mean they’ve been into this relationship for quite a while. Trask has been trying to convince Anne to marry him since book #1, and it’s implied he has been doing it since long before the story even picks up. Anne is, as always, occupied with trying to thwart the unsavory Captain Goler’s attentions towards her (he’s always getting more bold), and at the same time coyly avoid Trask’s frequent hints and proposals. Everyone knows the two love each other very much, and Anne has admitted openly that she wants to one day marry him, but she’s very wise in her decision to wait until things are more settled, possibly until the war is over, to make that a reality. The couple kiss and hold hands a few times over the course of the book, but everything is carefully controlled between the two.

Goler, on the other hand, is not nearly so chivalrous as Trask. He will not give up the outrageous possibility of Anne one day actually paying attention to his advances, and is growing progressively more bold in them, empowered by his growing power from the Emperor and the (supposed) absence of Trask. With no morals to speak of, if a position to force or blackmail Anne into marrying him were to present itself…..?

Next up for your considerations are Jace and Kyrin. Since these two are the main characters of the whole story, it’s quite understandable that their relationship has the most attention. Since deciding how they felt about each other in the previous book, it’s become common knowledge around camp. The two are almost always together (though it’s petty much always been that way), and frequently hold hands, occasionally kiss, and share a dance* at the wedding of two of their fellow rebels, then again at a celebration with the cretes (*think hobbit parties). Although maybe you couldn’t technically say Jace is courting her, pretty much everyone has excepted their eventual marriage….except maybe….Jace?

All that to say this.

Those who know me know I’m not really into romance. I’ve got a small handful of “ships” that I’m loyal to (Kanera from SWR; Eowyn x Faramir from LOTR; to name two), and I’m not against love, marriage, or any of that. But I’m just not super into a lot of “lovey stuff”. That said, I’ve always loved Trask and Anne’s relationship through the Ilyon series, and Jace and Kyrin are so sweet, have done so much for each other, and I just genuinely like them together. They make a fantastic team. That said, Exiles came close to the fine line of too much for me. It’s like any sort of dessert: most normal humans, especially us teens, like some amount of sugar in our food. But there’s a point when it’s just too much sweet. When two characters have a totally appropriate relationship that’s already a tad close to being labeled “sappy”, then it drags out and goes on and on……that’s just no fun for me.

There’s a fine line that can’t be crossed if you still want to enjoy and book, and with every reader it’s different. With Exiles, each person will have to determine for themselves how they feel about it. If you want my opinion, here it is: I thought it was a little outside of what I generally enjoy in a book, but not so much that I did not enjoy the book. (If you want an example of what level I generally enjoy/don’t mind, look to Star Wars: Rebels [yes, I mean Kanera], and Wayne Thomas Batson’s The Berinfell Prophecies. Yes, you’re very quickly gonna see that I am in no way obsessed with romance.)


Ok, sorry for that whole mess, but I felt like it was something I needed to address in this review. Thanks for hanging in there. 🙂

Now for the real fun, and the fulfillment of that hint I gave earlier! 😀

Here’s a character interview I did with Michael Altair, Kyrin’s younger brother and new member of the Resistance! I chose Michael because he’s around 14, so he’s in the range of many of my readers. I felt a lot of connection to him over the course of the book, and I think the readers of The Elven Padawan will too.

Character Interview: Michael Altair

(the bold parts below are my questions, and the regular ones are Michael’s answers 🙂 )

How has it been for you since your family officially joined the Resistance? Do you like living in the camp in the middle of the woods?

It’s been about a year and a half. I do like living in camp. Being in the woods isn’t too much different than it was at home. We just have a lot more people around and have smaller houses. There’s more activity going on, and I like that. Home was kind of boring sometimes, especially when it was just me and Ronny at home with Mother.

What kinds of things do you normally do to help out around camp? Can you give us an idea of a normal day for you?

My mother always has a list of chores for us. Ronny and I are usually sent to help the kids collect wood and kindling for the fires. And Ronny and I take turns getting water from the well. Mother likes to keep us busy. When I’m not doing chores, I like to watch Marcus train his men. I try to do sparring practice, either on my own or with one of my older brothers every day.

How does it feel to have two older siblings (Kyrin and Kaden) who are huge heroes in the Resistance (not to mention your other two brothers)? Do you ever feel like you have to live up to the example they’ve set, or like people are expecting the same from you?

Honestly, I kind of feel left out. I want to be in on things with them. I want to do more than just everyday chores. I want to actually help the Resistance. I don’t think people are expecting the same from me as my siblings. If anything, I feel like my family is trying to keep me out of all that. I know they’re just trying to protect me, but I am just as concerned with winning this war as they are.

How do you feel about Jace? What do you think about him and Kyrin?

He was a little intimidating at first, but I like him now. But all that mushy stuff with him and Kyrin gets old. Sure I’m happy they’re together, but they are always making eyes at each other. It’s sickening after a while.

If you could pick one position or job you’d like to have in the Resistance someday, what would it be?

I am going to be part of the militia just as soon as I turn sixteen. That’s what I’ve been practicing for. That can’t happen soon enough.

To add to all this greatness, Ms. Jaye has done something else she is known to do often alongside the release of her books…

…that means…..




Share in the excitement of the release and enter to win a themed giveaway pack! Prizes include an autographed copy of Exiles, a pewter dragon necklace by treasurecast, and a sword letter opener! (Giveaway is open to US residents only. Cannot be shipped internationally.)

Check it out HERE! 😀

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Now, in closing, I have one last gift to all of my wonderful readers who haven’t fallen asleep, died, or removed me from their list of “blogs-I-read” forever as a consequence of this ridiculously long post (which WordPress says is currently clocking in at almost 3,000 words).

Here’s a snippet from The Ilyon Chronicles, book 4: Exiles. Please enjoy. 🙂 ❤

Excerpt from Exiles

On his way to the Altair’s home, he passed Warin and Lenae’s cabin and found Meredith sitting on a bench outside with the little white kitten Warin had given her. Her bottom lip stuck out in a pout, and he paused. She looked up at him, her wide eyes sad.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Meredith sighed and dropped her gaze back to the kitten. “I don’t want everyone to go. You were gone so long last time.”

Her voice drew him to sit down beside her, where she looked at him again.

“Will you be gone long this time?”

“I’m afraid so,” Jace said. “It’s a long way to Dorland.”

Meredith’s pout returned full force. “It’s not as fun without Kyrin here to play with me.”

Jace couldn’t help but smile. “Well, you do have Violet to play with now.” He nodded to the kitten, who padded from Meredith’s lap onto his. Stroking the kitten’s downy coat, he leaned a little closer to Meredith. “And I’d be very happy if you played with Tyra sometimes. She gets lonely when we’re gone too.”

Meredith perked up a little. “I can play with her.”

Drawn by her name, Tyra stepped closer to Jace and sniffed Violet curiously. The kitten scooted away, her ears laid flat, and hissed. Tyra took a step back and looked up as if to ask what she’d done wrong. Jace patted her head and handed the disgruntled kitten back to Meredith.

“Will your trip be dangerous?” the girl asked.

“I don’t think so,” Jace told her—unless one counted falling out of giant trees. He shoved the thought away.

“You will always take care of Kyrin, won’t you?”

She fixed him with a serious gaze, and he matched it. “Always.”


Shay visits a comic store!! and Kanan: The Last Padawan review

(Apologies for the lame title of this post.)

Many of you have probably already noticed that I missed my post last week. The reason for this was that I had just arrived back in town from visiting family in NC. However, because of this trip I got to make my first ever visit to a comic book store!! 😀

I had gone shopping with my family to try to find a special ingredient needed for our supper. By the time we had tracked it down, we had made our way to Greenville, and I happened to know that there was a comic book store right down the road. I had been wanting to visit one and hunt out some good Star Wars comics and this chance looked as good as any, so I grabbed it.

Now you have to understand: I’m not a big comic book reader. But I had been hearing good things about some of the new SW series coming from Marvel, and since they were canon and seemed very interesting, I thought I’d try out a few as summer reading (and to hold me over until Star Wars: Rebels season 4 begins). I had received the digital version of the Han Solo series as the runner-up prize from a giveaway, and thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as the few issues of Shattered Empire I had found at my library. I had been wanting to check out Kanan: The Last Padawan pretty much since it first came out, but never really did, so I hoped that this store would possibly have the series, even though its run had ended a while back.

We pulled up in front of World’s Coolest Comics and Toys, a small brick store with a large inflatable BB-8 out front. My mom had already decided to sit this one out in the car, so my dad and 4-year-old baby sister accompanied me inside. As soon as I walked in, I was surrounded by comics, action figures of all kinds, and an assortment of several life-sized models including a Yoda sitting just inside the door. The shop seemed to be split into two sections: one side was devoted mainly to comics, while the other was full of collectibles, toys, and a TV that was currently playing an arc of Clone Wars featuring Jedi Master Plo Koon and young Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

A man working in the store asked if we needed anything, and my dad informed him that this was my first visit to a comic store. We told him I was most interested in the Star Wars comics, and he pointed us in the direction of the store that had these. My dad and baby sis wandered over to the other side of the shop, leaving me to explore around and decide which series I wanted to begin with. I flipped through a couple issues of Dr. Aphra and Marvel’s Star Wars, as well as a collection of the extremely-enticing Poe Dameron series, but I had already seen what I wanted. Sitting on a shelf of a display in the middle of the room was a collection of all 12 issues of The Last Padawan.

My recon completed, now began the retrieval mission.

I headed over to my dad to let him know I had found what I wanted, and found my sister totally absorbed in Clone Wars. She has recently begun to recognize certain characters from Rebels, and we had been watching season 2 on our drive down to our grandparents’ house, so seeing Ahsoka chasing bad guys, albeit younger and in a different style, was very alluring to her. Nothing could move her eyes from that TV, she was riveted on every detail. I find few things more adorable then a youngling first discovering the wonder of these stories, and this was a moment where that discovery was in motion.

I paid for my book, and we headed out of the store. On the way back to my grandparents’ house, my dad remarked on the extreme unbelievably of the costumes of female superhero characters, my sister informed my mom that what she had watched was “not starey at all” (translation: “not scary at all”), and I flipped through my book.

Over the next several days I read through the entire series of Kanan: The Last Padawan, and I loved it! I’m also another planning a trip to a near-by comic store to pick up a couple issues of the Poe Dameron series, check out the Screaming Citadel and Marvel’s Star Wars. Oh yeah, and I’m also eagerly awaiting the Cassian and K-2SO special!! 😀

* And thanks so much to that guy who was working at World’s Coolest Comics and Toys when I came in! He was very helpful, and I have never had a in-depth conversation about Rebels and whether or not Kanan and Ezra will have to die before ANH like that with a total stranger before! It was awesome! 😀

Content review for Kanan: The Last Padawan

As I said before, I totally loved this series! It was very interesting to find out how exactly Caleb Dume, a.k.a. Kanan Jarrus, survived Order 66 and the slaughter of the Jedi. Although we’ve heard a lot about this event throughout Star Wars: Rebels, such as the last words Caleb’s Jedi Master, Depa Billaba, said to him before she was shot down, how the clones recaptured him later on, and even his true name.

The first arc story alternates back and forth between a mission the Ghost crew takes on the planet Kaller during the time of season 1 of Rebels, and Caleb and Depa’s last mission together on Kaller and how he escaped and joined rogue smuggler Janus Kasmir. In the second arc, Kanan has been hurt and is in a batca tank while his crew anxiously awaits his return to consciousness, while in his memory he is remembering his apprenticeship and first mission with Depa Bilaba.

Throughout the entire series there is only a tiny bit of language (one d-word, though there are also several exclusively “Star Wars-universe” insults thrown around.)

Characters are wounded (the main one being Kanan, who is stabbed in the back), and several die (a Separatist sniper takes his own life in an explosion rather than be captured by Depa and the Republic, Depa is attacked by her troops during Order 66, and several clonetroopers are gunned down during different battles.) None of the deaths or injuries are graphic, the worst scene probably being when Kanan reaches around to where he was stabbed and his hand has blood on it when he pulls it back.

Since Depa and Caleb/Kanan end up in bacta tanks a few times, they are seen in the Star Wars equivalent of swimwear (my sister commented that “Kanan’s wearing Speedos” in several panels after he emerges from the tank during the part that takes place during season 1; yeah, it was weird.)

Thanks for reading this blog post from me today! Have you ever visited a comic book store, or read or want to read Kanan: The Last Padawan? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!! 😀

The Elven Padawan #2: “Zero Hour” review, part 1

Shay and guest Evie review the first part of the Star Wars: Rebels season 3 finale, “Zero Hour”. We talk about Hera (a lot) and Grand Admiral Thrawn (a lot). And Shay does a little rant on Jedi attachments, and why she just can’t do Grey Jedi.

Please subscribe to the show on iTunes and/or SoundCloud and leave me a review! You can also follow this site, and get updates on every new post. Also, leave comments below with your thoughts on this first episode, as well as the topics covered in this episode, and I’ll read them on the next episode of the Elven Padawan podcast!


“Zero Hour” episode guide on StarWars.com

“A New Dawn” (that book about Kanan and Hera’s first meeting and the Gorse Revolt)

“A Monster Calls” on IMDb

“The Holocrons of Fate” episode guide on StarWars.com

Music/Sound effect

Sound effects were from the Free Sound Project. 

Complete list of effects used for this episode:


The Wolf. The Owl. And NOT THE WOLF.

Last month, at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, we got an incredible trailer for season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels.

If you haven’t seen that incredible trailer, or you are just looking for a good excuse to re-watch it yet again (because seriously, who wouldn’t be?) here it is for you.

Notice something important: starting at about 0:48, we get our first glimpses of a magnificent white wolf which seems to be playing an instrumental part in something Ezra and Sabine are up to. And we get another look at that wolf later on in the trailer when Kanan lays a hand on its nose in a setting somewhat similar to the lower levels of that ancient Jedi Temple we encountered in the first two seasons. As that wolf races across the plains of Lothal, we’re easily reminded of exactly how much Dave Filoni, Executive Producer of Star Wars: Rebels, loves these amazing creatures.

Ever since that trailer released, fan speculation has gone wild. Almost every possibility that could ever be thought of has been explored, and the more popular ones have been hashed and re-hashed, over and over again.

And one of the most popular theories circulating was that Ahsoka Tano, former Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker, leader in the Rebel Alliance, and much loved fan-favorite who mysteriously disappeared from the galaxy in the season two finale, Twilight of the Apprentice, was somehow connected to that wolf. In fact, many have pushed the idea that she actually is the wolf, that somehow she has been reincarnated in this new form to rescue her fellow Jedi in their time of need.

(For anyone who might like a refresher on that Rebels finale, here’s the full story from StarWars.com.)

At the very end of that episode, the shadowed form of Ahsoka is seen descending lower into the darkness of the Sith Temple. A glowing white convor owl flies overheard, its cry piecing the murky darkness of Malachor.

Fans had no idea whether to take that last scene as a metaphor describing Ahsoka’s demise, or if it was to be interpreted as a true confirmation that she survived. Fandom became divided. On one side were those who believed she was truly gone forever, killed by Vader or in someway departed to become one with the Force, and on the other were the die-hards, never giving up hope that she lives on even now, and staunchly holding their ground against any doubters. These “#AhsokaLives!”ers find their ways into just about every event. Even Ahsoka’s actress from both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels joins in to stir the pot of the controversy on occasion, including shouting “Ahsoka Lives!” to a crowd of screaming fans during the “Heroines of Star Wars” panel at SWCO 2017.

Last year at Star Wars Celebration London the topic was briefly touched upon, and a set of digital trading cards drawn by Filoni, showing Ahsoka in and around the Sith Temple on Malachor (presumably after the events of Twilight of the Apprentice), were released.

Via the Star Wars Official Website

Most of us have already heard the story of Mr. Filoni’s shirt already. Of how he appeared onstage for the Rebels season 4 panel at SWCO 2017 wearing a shirt with the simple text, “AHSOKA LIVES?” And of how, when the lights came back on after the trailer was show, his shirt had changed to say “AHSOKA LIVES!”

It seems that Ahsoka Tano may truly still be around.

But the theory of Ahsoka being reincarnated as a giant, mystical white wolf is not one that I agree with. At all.

I must admit, when I saw the trailer one of the first thoughts to pop into my head was that there must be some connection between Ahsoka and that wolf. Even now I hold to that original idea and truly hope we will see a connection between the two. But I don’t want to see them attempt to say that she has returned as an animal. Partly because that theory was just not something I  was attracted to (just like the theory that Rey is Anakin Skywalker reincarnated), and partly because it totally twists the entire philosophy of the Star Wars universe to add in reincarnation.

Based on what we know about the Force, life, and the “afterlife” in Star Wars, once you’re dead, you’re dead. Of course, the Jedi believe that no one ever truly dies in the sense that you become entirely nonexistent. Your life-force becomes one with the cosmic Force, the the energy field that Jedi, Sith, and their off-shoots draw their power from. But it just can’t work to try to cram in reincarnation.

Which brings me to what I am here to show you today: this drawing and Twitter post that was released Wednesday, June 7.

And there we have it. Ahsoka is NOT THE WOLF.

But might the wolf have something to do with Ahsoka? YES!

We already know that Ahsoka survived the fall of the Jedi during Order 66 with the help of some giant wolves on Mandalore.

These quotes were from StarWars.com’s liveblog of the “Ahsoka’s Untold Tales” panel at Star Wars Celebration London last year:

Now showing a sketch of Ahsoka riding a huge wolf.

Filoni explains the scene: clones mistake the wolves for trees, as their legs are so big. Sounds amazing! Applause from the crowd!

Via the Star Wars Official Website

So we know that there is a very good chance that there IS some type of connection between Ahsoka and this wolf. Possibly it helps Sabine, Ezra, and the others because it remembers Ahsoka. Perhaps Ahsoka herself has even sent it to their aid!

In closing, I just want to give you a little more food for thought. This is an idea that popped into my head the other day, and though I haven’t yet been able to thoroughly work it out into a full-fledged theory, I feel that is it worth mentioning.

Dave Filoni is a huge Lord of the Rings fan. He loves the works of Tolkien, and references them often as some of the biggest inspirations for his own stories.

No one can possibly have been into the mythology and legends of Middle-Earth for any amount of time without having come across the story of Beren and Luthien Tinuviel, the Man and Elf who attempted to steal a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth himself. Along their way they were aided by Huan, a being who was often in the form of a giant hound. Without his help they never could have escaped Morgoth’s own hounds, nor could they have stolen his precious jewel. Sadly, though the summary of this tale is in The Silmarillion, as well as Unfinished Tales, Tolkien died before he was able to fully finish and publish the story. However, at the beginning of this month, their story was finally released in the fullest form possible.

Now is it just me, or does this hound look extremely similar to the giant wolf that Ezra and Sabine are riding? And notice that Ezra seems to be holding some sort of box-shaped item as he clings to a seemingly unconscious Sabine on the back of that wolf….

Am I the only one seeing some connections? 😮

Let me know what you think in the comments!


Lightporter by C. B. Cook: COVER REVEAL!

Hello all my friends!! I know it has been forever since I’ve posted anything on here, and some of you may have thought I was dead.

Well, I’m not dead. I’ve just been playing Ahsoka Tano and disappearing for a long period of time, making sure pretty much everyone in the universe thinks I’m dead, then popping up randomly to start a brand-new wave of crazed fans and popularity. It worked so well for her, so I decided I’d try it out, too. (Especially since we all know #AhsokaLives!)

So now that the lost Padawan (me) has once again made her return, I have a surprise for all of you.

Let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome!!

So first, a quick explanation: not too long ago I discovered the awesome writer C. B. Cook, and her awesome book, Twinepathy.

*the following is a short review of Twinepathy, along with quite a bit of excessive fangirling. You have been warned.

I plowed right through that book in a very short amount of time, and absolutely loved it!! It was so great, especially for a fan of sci-fi-type stories like me. And even better, Ms. Cook is a giant fangirl herself, particularly in the Tolkien and Marvel areas. In fact, the story itself is somewhat inspired/based on your classic Marvel superheroes, though it does so in a wonderful way without feeling like a rip-off, but instead totally fresh, original, and shiny as one of Tony Stark’s gadgets. (It does have one major bonus over Marvel and pretty much anything related to Stark, however, and that’s that this book is totally clean. Which is definitely a high bonus in my rating system.)

I fell in love with all the characters, including the twin sisters with a telepathic connection, Albany and Brooklyn York (yes, their names are NY themed!), little Maddie (who I totally wish was my little sister), mysterious Jen (who actually reminds me a lot of Hera Syndulla), nerdy Ezra (the first female character I’ve ever encountered with that name!) and of course, ever-charming Blaze (who is basically Loki with his constant, annoyingly-bright smile and illusions, but without any of the meanness.) I really connected best with Albany, as she’s a fangirl, would generally rather have her nose in a book than go shopping (unless it’s for more books), and could generally care less about what’s “popular” with most other girls. She’s a good deal like me in quite a few ways.

The book was fairly simple, launching right into the story within the first several pages, and to be honest wasn’t really as deep as I’m generally into. But ya know what? That’s OK! Because it was fast, incredibly well-written, and just plain fun. All the characters totally came alive in my brain, the entire thing was a vivid movie in my mind, and the first-person-present-tense narration that I generally loath didn’t bother me at all. A writer has to have a serious gift to get that right, and let me tell you, Ms. Cook has a serious gift.

Since I first read through Twinepathy, I’ve been dying for more info on the second book in the series, titled Lightporter. Well, and obsessing over the first book and my theories for the second to pretty much anyone who will give me half a chance. So when I had the opportunity to participate in Ms. Cook’s cover reveal for Lightporter, I just had to jump in!!

Unfortunately, there was a teensy little problem in my way. The fact that I had been banned from my own blog and podcast until I could finish up the last little bit of schoolwork left from this year was like a wampa in my path. There was only one thing I could do, and so I did it. I sat down on Wednesday, and blazed (er, no pun intended) right through an entire chapter of my science book, then got up early this morning to take the last test.

All so I could get this surprise out to all of you, and because I’m so excited about Lightporter. XD

Anyone reading this right now is probably already fighting the urge to just skim right down this page past all of my rambling. So I’ll go ahead and get to that point.

Here it is, in all its glory!! The brand new, recently finished, incredibly awesome cover for Lightporter!!!

Lightporter1FINAL1 (003).jpg

EEEEP!!! It’s beautiful!!! I totally love the simplicity of both the covers for this and Twinepathy! It’s just so eye-catching, the masks add an air of intrigue, and for a fan they mean so much more. Frankly, if you haven’t yet read the first book, then this cover might not seem all that spectacular to you. But for someone who knows, they’re gonna totally freak. I totally freaked when I first saw it. Both the title and that cover have some awesome hints in them, and I seriously can. not. WAIT!!!

Here’s one more thing to make this even epic-er: book 1, Twinepathy, is currently on sale on Amazon!! For $0.99!!!!

That means if you have a Kindle, or iPhone, or iPod, or iPad, or even *just a computer*, you can get that whole book for less that one dollar!!

Thing is, though, this is one of those “limited-time-offer-things”….in other words, it’s only gonna be this price for TODAY! Tomorrow, the chance is gone!

So what are you waiting for??!

Seriously, please go check out Twinepathy. It’s awesome, and if you’re looking at this site right now with all its geekyness and that makes you smile, you’re gonna love this series.

And now on the behalf of the author, as well as all those poor lost souls who may never discover this incredible series otherwise, I implore you to TELL EVERYONE ELSE YOU KNOW!!!! If you read Twinepathy and enjoy it, or have already read it and loved it then, then please leave a review on Amazon or add and write about it on Goodreads. Share about it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you make your internet abode.

Lightporter on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31434439-lightporter

Twinepathy on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26793603-twinepathy

Twinepathy on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HYQEK1C/

C.B. Cook’s Blog: http://www.theworldofthewriter.wordpress.com

C.B. Cook on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/authorcbcook/

C.B. Cook on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13546187.C_B_Cook

IDIA Group Board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/authorcbcook/idia-group-board/

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